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Stretch Wrap & Shrink Wrap

Protect items in storage and ship with confidence using stretch wrap and shrink wrap. Wraps create a tight seal that keeps out everything from moisture to dirt. Heat sealing a shrink wrap bag creates a package that is airtight and impervious to water, while stretchy cling films are simple to apply and don't require a special machine. Keep bulk goods, food products, individual sale items, and shipped merchandise safe and secure with stretch wrap from reliable manufacturers such as Goodwrappers and Unisource Canada.

Stretch Wrap Real GTA Movers

C$29.99 Regular Price
C$20.00Sale Price
  • Stretch Wrap & Shrink Wrap

    Fast Sealing
    Machines that apply stretch wrap and shrink wrap to products let you quickly and consistently seal items, improving packaging efficiency when you're handling a lot of separate orders. Handheld stretch wrap systems offer the precision and convenience of allowing you the ability to apply them directly to the product in need of wrapping and control the exact amount of shrink wrap used.

    Protective Covering
    Use large sheets of stretch wrap and shrink wrap to protect bigger products and equipment from environmental hazards when you're storing items in an open-air facility or in a warehouse that isn't climate controlled. Opaque stretch wrap keeps UV light out to prevent fading or degradation, and thick shrink wrap sheets resist punctures and tears to ensure long-term protection. Small sheets of stretch wrap come in handy for ensuring hygiene and sanitation when packaging food.

    Convenient Display
    Transparent stretch wrap and shrink wrap let workers and customers easily identify everything sealed inside a package. Gift baskets, bulk foods, or bundled items packaged in shrink wrap look appealing to customers while remaining safe and secure. Shrink wrap reduces the amount of packaging needed, leaving you with more space on your shelves to display and store extra merchandise.
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