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Shipping a package can go terribly wrong if you don't use appropriate padding to protect the items. Bubble wrap is an affordable packing material that is eco-friendly and easy to use with any item. The material clings to items and doesn't take up much space. Antistatic bubble wrap is perfect for electronic devices, as it protects your electronics from static discharge that could compromise the technology.

Bubble Wrap & Void Fill Materials | Real GTA Mover

  • Bubble Wrap & Void Fill Materials

    Eco-Friendly Cushioning
    Most bubble wrap is made from recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact caused by shipping materials. Eco-friendly bubble wrap contains up to 20 percent of post-industrial material, so you can feel comfortable shipping your items without negatively affecting the planet. To decrease your footprint even further, you can use biodegradable bubble wrap that degrades within 24 months from the time of use.

    Secure Electronics
    Protect your electronics during shipping using an antistatic bubble wrap that prevents static energy discharge from affecting the technology within the electronic devices. Antistatic bubble wrap provides added cushioning with bubbles that reduce air in between the layers to prevent physical damage during shipping as well.

    Economical Protection
    If you are shipping products daily, consider purchasing large rolls of bubble wrap that come perforated so that you can easily tear off pieces. Economy bubble wrap rolls come in self-cling and antistatic varieties tailored to your shipping needs. Cohesive bubble wrap is perfect for oddly shaped items, as it clings to every inch of the item without leaving residue behind. Stay within your budget with durable, multipurpose bubble wrap rolls that provide cushioning for any item that you need to ship out.
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